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Emergency Medical Service – MICU ALS transports

We provide our clients with continuity of therapy during transport between medical facilities, based on contracts with all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic and in cooperation with many Emergency Medical Services. We are one of the few facilities capable of transporting patients connected to extracorporeal circulation and extracorporeal oxygenation (ECMO).

Repatriations, long-distance transport

An inseparable part of our activities are transports of clients from or to foreign countries, with which we have more than thirty years of experience. Receipt of requests is coordinated at the Operations Centre and controlled from the outset by medical supervision of the ongoing case. We provide transports by ground ambulances, adapted for long transports, as well as by scheduled flights or special air ambulances or a combination of both.

Transplantation program

Our organisation is a vital part of of all types of transports necessary for the smooth running of the National Transplant Programme, both the transport of teams and experts or organs for transplantation, and the transport of donors in conditions of ongoing emergency care. These services also include the distribution of blood and blood derivatives, cells or tissues under continuous supervision and monitoring of the transport under specified conditions of the tissue facility.

BLS transports

Transportation of patients for treatment, examination or cure to/from Prague medical facilities.

Medical assistance

We are involved in providing medical assistance for film, sports and social events. Our main advantage is our long experience in planning such events, the possibility of active consultation in creating an actual proposal for medical support.


We are able to provide interactive first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses for you or your organisation according to current recommended guidelines. We can also provide basic courses for transport medical services staff on request. We are the only company in the Czech Republic to provide interactive courses for Integrated Rescue System specialists within the XVR programme - computer simulation of emergency situations of all Integrated Rescue System services.

Request order

Ambulance Meditrans Callcenter accepts requests for the transports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The requests are immediately evaluated and consulted with the Meditrans physician, if needed. Depending on the type of the request and mainly with regard to the health condition of the client, we would provide an appropriate ground ambulance, air ambulance, helicopter or patient transport combined with a regular airliner.

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